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Landscaping & Property Enhancement

We don’t just improve your property.

We work to improve your investment.

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The Cedar Enterprises Difference

  • You get our actual rate on any materials for the duration of your contract
  • We can use existing materials from your own property to help save you thousands!
  • We really care about you as a client. We know that everyone says this but we actually mean it.

We're here  to help you
enhance and beautify your property

From the largest mitigation tasks to xeriscape landscaping, walkways, and plantings, Cedar Enterprises has a solution for you.

“Bryan takes great personal pride in his work, a seemingly rare quality in contractors around Durango.  I highly recommend him and Cedar Enterprises.”

Jeff Jones - Durango, CO

The path to enhancing and beautifying your property is only a phone call away. 

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Property Restoration

Due to the inevitable climate change issues effecting our environment property owners now need to focus on the safety of their buildings and their outdoor surroundings.

Our 12 point assessment will tell us everything that we need to know to stabilize or enhance your property's appraised value even in the driest seasons. Don't let your insurance company drop you due to hazardous property conditions. Please call us today for a free assessment. Our property restorations services will give you the piece of mind to ensure a safe environment for you and your family. Ask us about obtaining rebate program information through our local non-profit agencies to help offset your overhead.

​​​​Landscaping Service

We at Cedar Enterprises take great pride in providing personalized landscaping and property restoration services to our Durango, CO customers.

Cedar Enterprises is your trusted, and Reasonably Priced source for residential and commercial property improvement and mitigation in the Durango area

As a licensed and insured member of the South Western Colorado property community we understand how to work around and within a budget. Stop fretting about your property and give us a quick ring!

Guaranteed Service

Our guarantee to you is pretty simple:

100% satisfaction or we will make it right. Period!

Great Rates, Dependable Service and Unparalleled Experience

durango, co

Our restoration and landscaping rates are very competitive. Get in touch with us today. We will drop by to discuss your property needs and give you a free, no obligation quote.


We have the equipment and the manpower to get any job done. From thistle and pine needle removal to boulder design Ceder Enterprises is your consultant, designer and property advocate.


We can utilize your own property's materials to create a visually stunning environment and save you thousands on material costs.

Call today for a free assessment to see how we can utilize your existing environment to enhance the beauty of your property. 


Our competitively priced property restoration services include:

• Multiple slash (coarse and fine woody debris) disposal options
• Tree pruning near dwellings

• Pine needle reduction
• Prairie dog mitigation for properties that are intended for horses.
• Canadian and Russian thistle reduction by environmental friendly compounds or chemical free bush mowing options are available
• Tamarisk removal
• Riparian restoration efforts

• Flood prevention and restoration services

Note – Best practice and cost-effective recommendations will be made during the initial consultation visit.
Cedar Enterprises is not only a property restoration and mitigation business, we pride ourselves on our ability to visualize, design and create beautiful hard and softscapes alike. 




Our competitively priced landscape services include:

• Tree and shrub planting including displacement and replanting if practical
• Natural rock work including retaining walls utilizing your properties available resources
• Boulder placement can be utilized as garden bed retainers
• Xeric planting including drip line irrigation tactics.
• Cedar tree décor and rocks are constructed as retaining walls to conceal unwanted eyesores i.e. utility boxes or propane markers and tanks.

Natural xeric landscapes will reduce your overall water bill, help build your property appraised value possible reduction in insurance rates, and an overall peace of mind your dwelling has been equipped with safety measures in the event of wildland fire.

Call us today to schedule your free, no obligation property enhancement and landscaping consultation. 


Cedar Enterprises is a locally owned, and insured landscaping and property restoration enhancement business located in Durango, CO.  

As a resident of Durango since 1999, Bryan Wendt has seen first-hand the devastating effects wildland fire has had upon the Southwestern landscape.

Drought seems to be more prevalent as climate change continues to push temperatures higher and higher, thus increasing the importance for adequate defensible space near property dwellings. 

Unfortunately, Due to decades of well-meaning fire suppression tactics our forests in the San Juan Mountains are currently loaded with numerous undergrowth ground fuels and thousands of acres of bettle kill due to the infestation of the mountain pine beetle.

The Cedar Enterprises’ strategic approach is simple. 

Mitigation starts from the dwelling outward modeled after the Colorado State Forest Service’s defensible space guidelines and suggestions.

Due to growing construction demands for new property dwellings in wildland-urban-interface zones, having a rock-solid mitigation plan is paramount to keep your property safe for your loved ones, the environment and the people of Colorado.

Rural properties or properties considered to be located in the WUI (wildland–urban interface) zone with a given amount of acreage would be mitigated in Zone 1.

Zone 1 is the area nearest the home or other structures on the property usually extending to 30 ft. outward.

Zone 2 is the transnational area between Zones 1 and 3 that typically extending out 100 ft. or more from buildings located on the property.

Zone 3 has no specific parameter, but we recommend reducing ground fuels and areas overgrown with vegetation to eliminate potentially intensifying the spreading of wildfire.

The path to enhancing and beautifying your property is only a phone call away. 

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(970) 769-3438


Hi! I'm Bryan Wendt owner of Cedar Enterprises and I am passionate about helping people bring out the natural beauty of their property.

I help homeowners as well as commercial businesses alike protect their investment all while improving the natural splendor of their surroundings.

Bryan Owner of Cedar Enterprises and Proud Member of the Durango, CO Business Community

But don't take my word for it.

Here's what our customers are saying about our services:

Seth F.

Durango, CO

“I have called Bryan last minute and he always fits me in. Great customer service. Good guy. Very dependable.”

Nancy T.

Durango, CO

“Bryan has been a welcome addition to our mitigation needs around our property. He has been able to do the smaller areas the "bigger" guys are unable to get to and do a very manicured job around the house. He has also done some awesome decorative rock work for us to hide some unsightly areas, now making these areas beautiful. He added attractive rustic cedar trees to areas to make them "pop" and has worked with us on many other projects to come. He has a tasteful eye for your outdoor needs and creatively comes up with ideas that work well within the spaces required.”

Michele W.

Durango, CO

“I told my neighbors about Cedar Enterprises and now half of my friends, family and neighbors use their services.”

no matter how hot or dry your property becomes
cedar enterprises has a custom solution just for you

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Our guarantee to you is pretty simple:

100% satisfaction or we will make it right. Period!

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